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Cheat sheet for prediction and classification models in R
Ricky Ho has created a reference a 6-page PDF reference card on Big Data Machine Learning, with examples implemented in the R language. (A free registration to DZone Refcardz is required to download the PDF.) The examples cover: Predictive modeling overview (how to set up test and training sets in R) Linear regression (using lm) Logistic regression (using glm) Regression with regularization (using the glmnet package) Neural networks (using nnet) Support vector machines (using tune.svm from the e1071 package) Naïve Bayes models (using naiveBayes from the e1071 package) K-nearest-neighbors classification (using the knn function from the class package) Decision trees...
Top 5 Best Email Marketing Examples
Do you know what a great email marketing campaign looks like? Not a good email marketing campaign but a GREAT one? In today’s post we are going to take a look at the top 5 best email marketing examples. The objective is to get you inspired and to show you what works best today. Whether …
Product Managers and the 2,000 Rep Club recently posted an article about Ohio State's football program in which Urban Meyer, the Ohio State coach, described how players' practice repetitions were tracked. In this case the goal is to prevent injuries. (Yes, I'm a college football addict. But I digress.)

The article has a lot of parallels in the product management world. I'm a firm believer in using repetition to build PM "muscle memory". How many times have you cranked out a requirements doc? Or reviewed a cohort chart for outliers? Or proactively scheduled a customer interview? Did you do it monthly? Quarterly? Ad-hoc? Did you notice any improvements in how you "did the rep"?

So much of the PM discipline is just that - discipline. Using a checklist and sticking to it. Measuring your company's / catalog's / team's metrics on a regular basis & learning from it.

I'm nowhere near the 2,000 Rep Club. That's why I'm still learning. You should be too.

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