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14 Alternatives to Google Analytics | Practical Ecommerce

Analytics platforms are essential for merchants to glean insight into what drives their traffic. Google Analytics is the popular choice, but there are many other analytics tools available.

Here is a list of analytics tools to help you collect and measure your customer data. Some of these applications are general analytics programs, akin to Google Analytics, to quantify traffic. Other applications look at specific aspects of the customer and should be used in conjunction with a general analytics program.

The Science of Crawl (Part 2): Content Freshness — URX Blog

Here at URX we are building the world's first mobile app search API. Backing this API is a search engine containing a large corpus of web documents, meticulously maintained and carefully grown by crawling internet content. We've come to discover that building a functional crawler can be done relatively cheaply, but building a robust crawler requires overcoming a few technical challenges. In this series of blog posts, we will walk through a few of these technical challenges including content deduplication, link prioritization, feature extraction and re-crawl estimation.

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